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Thanksgiving is Upon Us!

In two days I will attempt to consume over five pounds of turkey (smoked and roasted), assorted holiday sides and desserts and enough pinot noir to make the Raiders game entertaining. This is a monumental break from my established diet, which consists of mainly Hot Pockets and meat-lovers Tombstone pizzas. To say I am excited for Thanksgiving is a massive understatement. It’s the one holiday where uninhibited gluttony is celebrated, and mixing your food together in a veritable fat and cholesterol casserole like a five-year-old is accepted.

But it’s also the time to surround yourself with friends and family, and give thanks for the monolithic pile of food in front of you, and the aspects of your life that you’ve been blessed enough to receive. We want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and we hope you have a safe holiday weekend.

We will return to the office five-pounds heavier on Monday (that is if I survive the amount of treats I’m going to attempt to consume).

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