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Social Media Messaging

You Will STAND OUT From the Competition With SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGING

The marketplace is changing and you have to change with it. What are you doing to market yourself, your company or your books via social media? Social media marketing is the hottest new tool in publicity. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are making it possible to get your name everywhere on the internet FAST.

PR/PR acts as your Social Media Messaging Firm and will research, choose and post on the best social media sites to get your name and products in front of the audience you need.

PR/PR will work in the pursuit of publicity opportunities for you, which will include:

  • A review and overview of your existing social media profiles and pages.  Advice will be shared to hone your current online presence to be consistent and professional to your target audience.
  • PR/PR will craft your content into a messaging strategy to inform and educate your audience, which can include incorporating existing online collateral such as your blog postings.  Each message is 140-characters long, key-word oriented, and ending with your URL, driving traffic to your Web site.
  • Once you have approved the messaging strategy, PR/PR will post them three business days each week to your profiles and pages that connect through a social media management dashboard feed and distribute them to various networks.
  • Ongoing coaching will be offered on how to best engage your audience into further online interaction.

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