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At PR/PR Public Relations we practice what we preach!  While we’re busy getting our clients’ expertise in front of their target audience, we’re getting our Owner/President’s, Russell Trahan, expertise in front of the media, too! Here’s a sample of some of the placements of Russell’s articles:

How to Maximize the Benefits of your Online Campaign

Janet is a savvy small business owner. She successfully navigated her way through the recession and is enjoying steady growth. She’s well-versed on her clientele and knows their individual likes and dislikes. She knows who her competition is and what they’re up to. She keeps up with trends, so she has a Facebook profile and a Twitter handle. So, why has she seen a marked increase in the growth of her competitors’ business and not her own? When she hears people speak of her product, why do they associate it with her competition? What can Janet do to make sure her company is foremost in her customers’ minds?


Four Vital Keys to a Successful Publicity Campaign

Every year, countless businesses from a variety of industries decide to take a crucial step in their corporate progression: a national publicity campaign. More often than not, there are a few critical missteps made at the outset that impede their momentum that have a direct impact on their PR return on investment. Public relations endeavors are an essential component to increased visibility and name-awareness, but without proper preparedness and implementation, visions of magazine covers and daily newspaper interviews can prove to be ill-fated pipe dreams.


PR and Small Business: Four Practical Parallels

There are numerous preconceived notions about the field of public relations and the everyday life of a PR professional. Many Americans may envision a Hollywood landscape of exclusive events, material excess and prestige, while others visualize an individual furiously hammering phones and email, determined to lock down an interview with an elusive editor. While the idealized pomp and circumstance of the publicity field may have found its way into some people’s schemas, the fact of the matter is that it’s closer to the latter, and shares many of the cornerstones that define any customer-centric small business.


Five Ways to Leverage Your Business Acumen Locally

For William, finally hanging the ‘grand opening’ banner on the facade of his business was a dream realized. After years of drafting and redrafting plans and budgets, applying for loans and acquiring the initial capital to break ground on his new property, he was able to turn his goal of owning and operating a local business into a reality.


Why Your Last PR Campaign Failed: And How to Ensure Success in the Future

Every turn of the calendar, new quarter or product launch, countless companies and individuals jot down a resolution to launch a public relations campaign for numerous reasons: enhanced corporate visibility, increased bookings and fees and audience expansion, among others. From time to time their PR endeavors fall short of anticipated expectations, and leave many executives and experts alike wondering, “What went wrong?”


Your Staff is Your Best Publicity Asset

Throughout the business landscape, countless days and hours are spent on the hiring process — rifling through resumes, conducting phone and in-person interviews and vetting potential hires — and for good reason. Company payroll budgets only contain so much flexibility for new employees, and selecting the correct individual to fill an open position involves much more than just ensuring their competence in the role; your new employee is also joining the best weapon in your company-wide publicity arsenal: your staff.


A Crash Course in Convention Networking

Industry-specific conferences and conventions are a hallmark in business networking. As an attendee or a sponsored vendor, you will be inundated with a who’s who in your field — from the headlining heavyweights delivering keynotes and breakout sessions to the newcomers looking to create a name and garner beneficial connections — the chaos of the convention floor can prove a sensory overload for the experienced and first-timers alike. For that reason, before you pack your bags, you need a crash-course in Event Networking 101 to maximize your potential for expanded company visibility and name-recognition.


Media Mixology: Crafting the Perfect Publicity Cocktail

The handcrafted cocktail has skyrocketed in popularity. Thanks in part to period-piece television dramas such as Mad Men that romanticize bar scenes of yore, drinks like the Old Fashioned and the Sazerac have risen from the recesses of the speakeasy to the drink menu of the neighborhood watering hole. With its focus on precision and detail, the art of mixology has effectively taken taps and brass rails by storm.  From the bar room to the board room, a different brand of mixology is taking place: the meticulously designed publicity campaign.


The Importance of Traditional Follow-Up in a Non-Traditional Business World

In an ever-expanding digital business landscape, many working professionals are exchanging established means of follow up, such as phone calls and face-to-face meetings, for quick messages over social media or email, and it is impacting their business relationships and bottom-lines. They sacrifice professional courtesy in an attempt to appear casual, and regardless of the many ways we can now communicate, when it comes to follow up, the best practices are the traditional practices.


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