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What Happens in Vegas, Should NOT Stay in Vegas

You all know I head to Las Vegas every year for the Lady & The Champs Speaker Conference.  The whole point of those three days is that what happens there, doesn’t stay there.  Patricia, Darren, Ed, Craig, and the other trainers want the participants to take what they’ve learned home with them and put it into practice!

This year, I’m headed to Vegas twice!  In November, I’ll be attending and presenting at Get Paid To Speak 2.  This event is specifically for speakers who are serious about establishing their platform, have a message and a desire to make an impact!

It is suggested you attend if you’ve completed ANY one of the following:

  • Attended previous Get Paid To Speak Level 1 LIVE Master Workshop
  • An active website or blog that is bringing you some business
  • At least one product or new product under development
  • A coaching or consulting business
  • Have been hired and paid for at least 5 speeches

If you are an active member of Darren’s and Ford’s Get Paid to Speak Online Community, then you are ready for sure.