PR/PR is a full-service boutique publicity agency specializing in professional speakers, consultants, and non-fiction authors. We place our clients in front of their target audience through print media and online sources.

Print Media Interviews


Public Relations for Professional Speakers, Consultants, and Non-Fiction AuthorsCompetition is fierce among people trying to get their name and expert opinion into media publications. How have you set yourself apart from your competition to get those interviews in desired print publications and newspapers? At PR/PR, our goal is to ensure you, your company and brand, and your book / product / service establish “top-of-mind awareness” – so the media thinks of you FIRST!

Each day, PR/PR calls on hundreds of editors and reporters in the print media at local, regional, national and international levels. These relationships provide us with quick responses to our clients’ broad range of interests and concerns.

PR/PR will help you grow your Print Media Footprint by:

  • Making calls to our established media contacts to get you quoted as an expert in stories they are writing
  • Making cold calls to writers to include your input (and name) in their articles
  • Monitoring lead generators that are used by writers in finding experts to quote their articles
  • Contacting you when we receive important feedback from anyone

By effectively establishing and managing your relationship with the media, your name and message will travel farther and faster throughout newsstand publications and you will more quickly equate your name with “expert” in the mind of the consumer.

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