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Happy Veterans Day

Every year around this time I find myself revisiting the greatest miniseries ever: Band of Brothers. I’m not really certain what it is about this time of year; maybe it’s the subtle change in the temperature at night that awakens some kind of deep-seated nostalgia I carry regarding this masterpiece (I believe I first watched it in the winter), but for whatever reason I end up throwing on the first DVD in my box-set and watching the series in its entirety right around Veterans Day.

If you’ve never seen Band of Brothers I highly recommend you stop what you’re currently doing and track down a way to watch it. Based on the book by historian Stephen Ambrose, the miniseries follows a group of elite paratroopers, from their green beginnings at boot camp through their march across Europe as battle-hardened warriors. The series details the inherent bravery present in the heart of the soldier: an individual willing to jump into occupied territory amidst anti-aircraft fire, knowing full-well they may not make it out alive, all for the sake of their country.

Band of Brothers made celebrities out of soldiers, and even generated widespread support for a Medal of Honor commendation for the miniseries’ main ‘protagonist’ Major Richard Winters. While the television event illuminated the monumental accomplishments of the men of Easy Company, there are millions of others in the military that will never receive the national appreciation they deserve. The men and women of our nation that volunteer for such a thankless job all deserve a miniseries for their selfless commitment in defense of our freedom.

With that said: grab a copy of Band of Brothers, and remember that it does not need to be a national holiday to thank a Vet for their service.

-Carter Breazeale

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