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Spring Flings …

… I mean Flights!

As I’m writing this, the northern parts of the country are experiencing bone chilling cold and blizzard conditions. Having lived in Delaware, I remember all too well having to push my car out of the snow three times on the 12-mile drive home from work. That was the winter before I decided to move south.

Even though much of our country can see their breath while outside, we are looking forward to some travels coming up this spring.

The first event on the calendar is 18 miles from our offices. The NSA Winter Conference is in our hometown of Orlando! Stop by the PR/PR Public Relations booth and chat.

In early March we’re headed out to San Diego for the Indie Friends and Family Forum. This is a great event open to you if you are “indie” –an independent professional, consultant, coach, or business owner – you are a “family member or friend” – which means a current or past client of Indie Books International, Mark LeBlanc, Henry DeVries, or one of our select speakers – you are open to participating in a “forum” – which means exchanging your wisdom and knowledge about marketing with a book and speech, and possibly being interviewed on a panel.

And, really, why wouldn’t you be a family member or friend of Indie Books International? When they published my book, Sell Yourself Without Saying A Word, they were so great to work with I never considered anyone else and neither should you.

To round out the month of March, we’ll be going back to Las Vegas for the 1st annual Stage Time LIVE!  You’ve known it as Lady & The Champs, so you know you’ll be getting quality from Darren LaCroix & Company to build your business.

Hopefully by the time we get home the weather will be warmer and spring will be in bloom as much as your business will be, having been fertilized by all the great ideas you’ll receive at these events.


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