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Same Time Last Year

This weekend I’ll be “attending” the Indie Books International (IBI) IFF Forum.  It’s not unusual for PR/PR to help promote an event we are sponsoring, we do it all the time with NSA, IMC USA, and Stage Time University, etc.  What makes this event unusual this year is that it’s the last event I attended in person last year at their location; and, it’s IBI’s first virtual event. 

Despite this being a private event (you must either have published a book with IBI or be in the process of publishing a book with IBI to be invited), I feel it’s worth promoting simply because I believe in IBI so much.  I think everyone who’s thinking about and/or actually writing a business book should work with them.  Not only do you have wonderful people like Henry DeVries, Mark LaBlanc, and Devin DeVries at the helm, but they’ve got an incredible support team of talented people working for you.

Now, you probably already know that I have a bias, as IBI published my first book, Sell Yourself Without Saying A Word.  Well, that process went so smoothly that I’m having them publish my next book (soon to be listed on Amazon!).  This one is more of a personal book, One For The Road, but over the years I’ve developed a more personal relationship with the DeVries family, so it seems only natural.  I’ve sent many clients, colleagues, friends, and family members to them for one of Henry’s famous “no-cost book strategy sessions,” something he calls a BookChat.  You should contact him, as well!

Although I’d love to be in San Diego and see my friends face-to-face, having the Forum virtually will still allow us to collaborate and cross-promote and that helps us all to be more successful as authors and speakers!  See you online! 

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