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Say YES! to Yourself

There was an article this morning on GMA about the new movie, Yes Day, based on the book by Tom Lichtenheld.  In the book, the parents allow their children to make the rules for one day, and the parents have to say “Yes” to (almost) all requests.

This sounds like a wonderful idea for parent/child bonding.  The article also got me thinking about some self-bonding and how often we say “no” to the child in each of us, and even to the adult we are.  We can be our own worst enemy with self-doubt and stinkin’ thinkin’ of our own abilities and what others will think of us, giving us fear of failure.  Thus I’m proposing a Yes Day, but a day where we say “Yes” to ourselves. 

Always thought of writing that book?  Say “Yes” today!  Always wanted to call that prospective client?  Say “Yes” today!  Always wanted to record that video/podcast?  Say “Yes” today!  Whatever thought pops into your head today, say “Yes” today!

One of the rules of Yes Day, according to Lichtenheld, is that none of the requests the children make can affect the future, i.e. no getting piercings, no getting pets, nothing that will last longer than 24 hours.  Which is fine for parent/child bonding; but I say the opposite should be true for self-bonding.  You should so something that will affect your future and last a lot longer than 24 hours.

Since we are in the season of Lent, I’m reminded of what the Pastor of the Episcopal church I attended during college used to preach.  He said we should use these 40 days not to deprive ourselves (not to give up chocolate which we’ll go right back to), but to start a new habit; start to exercise, start to volunteer with a charity of your choice.  Start a new behavior that will last long past Easter.

So, what will you say “Yes” to yourself to, for today!

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