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Rest in Peace, Prince.

Four months in and 2016 is already a massive bummer for music fans. Bowie. Haggard. Frey. Lemmy. And now, gone far too soon: Prince.

The devastating news broke last Thursday that the musical icon was found dead in his home in Minnesota. The world collectively went into freak-out mode. Larger than life people like Prince don’t die. It did not seem real.

Prince transformed the musical landscape. He brilliantly and seamlessly blended elements of funk, of dance pop and rock ‘n roll. Much in the way of Bowie, Prince pushed the boundaries of the cultural consciousness by shattering stereotypes and challenging his fans to dig a little deeper. Breaking through in a time of excess, Prince truly separated himself from other artists and toed the line of social acceptance and condemnation.

He was not a man who was afraid to take chances.

His work ethic was famously tireless. His protection of his privacy and distrust of the media was fabled. He was very out there, but also very closed off. An enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a mysterious musical virtuoso.

Another legend gone far too soon. The world mourns the loss of one of the last true innovators. Rest in peace, Prince.

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