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Cheers, Moms!

Hard to believe we’ve already flown by the first quarter of 2016, but here we are in May, and Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Just a friendly reminder from PR/PR—get out there and make sure Mom has a good one this weekend!

Last year admittedly wasn’t the best for my mom. Her 2015 Mother’s Day was spent dealing with a bevy of health issues, so she was not able to enjoy the day with the rest of the family. Breakfast in bed was of course provided, and she enjoyed the flowers that I purchased (and somehow kept alive for two weeks).

Unanticipated speed bumps are a part of life, and we rode through that rough patch as a family. I’m happy to say that 2016’s Mother’s Day looks a lot better, and Mom will have the energy to hang by the pool and corral her three energetic grand kids. We’re looking forward to it in the Breazeale family.

Russell will be delaying his in-person Mother’s Day celebrations this year, as his mom and dad make the trek from California to visit Florida for the first time in a decade later this month! There’s nothing better than a long road trip, especially when there’s family at the end of it. Safe travels, Trahans!

So to all the moms out there: cheers! Enjoy Sunday—you deserve it each and every day.

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