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MD 50

These past-recent and quickly coming-up months have held many milestones in my life. The 10th anniversary of moving to Florida; the 5th anniversary of my purchase of PR/PR Public Relations; my 50th birthday; and Carter’s 5th anniversary with the agency included. I’m so very privileged to have Carter on the staff.

Also, the first visit by my parents to Florida in 10 years! Through business and personal travel I make it to Palm Springs, CA (where they live) and/or the Portland, OR area (where they summer), so we’ve seen each other many times in the past 10 years. However, this is the first time they’ve been to Florida since I bought the company, their first time meeting their grand-doghter whom I adopted a month after their last visit, and get to meet my wonderful friends and colleagues.

I’d been campaigning for this visit for quite a while. Not only did it coincide with a milestone birthday, but more importantly, I wanted them to see my life. I know parents will never stop worrying about their children, no matter how old either of them get, but I was hoping by seeing firsthand the life I’ve built in Florida my parents might be able to return to Palm Springs knowing they’d done their job well and I am, personally, pleased with what I’ve built on the strong foundation they’ve given me.

Milestones tell you how far you’ve come. I can look back over the milestones my parents have planted in my life with love and affection. There are quite a few milestones ahead to be reached with them, and I’m really glad we’ve added their visit to Florida along the path.

– PR/PR President Russell Trahan

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