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How Many Characters is a Picture Worth?

Since re-taking the reins as Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey has been more like the boy at the dyke. No matter what move he makes to generate some momentum—and shareholder satisfaction—another issue seems to emerge. It’s like playing Silicon Valley Whack-A-Mole.

This week: another big shift for the social media platform.

Twitter announced that it would adjust its character-count to no longer include links and images, allowing users the freedom and flexibility to compose longer tweets. 140 characters are ubiquitous to the Twitter concept, but with still-stagnant stock numbers, it’s become blindingly apparent that a change is needed to shake-up the formula.

From a user-perspective, it feels a bit like Twitter is trying a bit of everything to see what sticks. A veritable musical chairs game in the CEO’s office. Streaming NFL games. Not quite grasping-at-straws, but certainly experimenting with options.

So for all you Twitter users, rejoice! You can now properly caption that meme you couldn’t wait to post! You can also begin using full URLs to your website in your promotional efforts! It’s another new step for Twitter—let’s see how it pans out.

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