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With the advent of the Social Media Age came the hyperawareness to the importance of online security. Facebook continually pushes this importance non-stop, encouraging its users to check and re-check their security settings from time-to-time.

In a slightly humorous, ironic twist of fate, Facebook’s own architect fell victim to one of the perils of an online existence.

Mark Zuckerberg’s had a number of his own social media accounts hacked over the weekend, showing that even one of the most tech-savvy individuals on that planet is not immune to Internet shenanigans. It’s worth noting that his Facebook and Instagram accounts both remained secure, however—not sure his colleagues would have let him live it down had they been infiltrated.

The best part of this story, though? The fact that Zuckerberg’s password was not some unique alphanumeric combination or an intricate sequence of digits; his login to his Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn was…”dadada.”

That’s the password of a college freshman accessing an online course, not the key to accessing the social media accounts of a tech mogul mega-billionaire.

Cautionary tales are found around every corner, and if Mark Zuckerberg can become the victim of an online hack: so can you! Make sure you switch them up from time to time to ensure that your security measures are stout.

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