PR/PR is a full-service boutique publicity agency specializing in professional speakers, consultants, and non-fiction authors. We place our clients in front of their target audience through print media and online sources.

Just to be clear …

With the arrival of the New Year there have been a lot of jokes about 2020 being the year of perfect clear vision.  This has prompted me to want to make a few facts clear with clients and potential clients of PR/PR Public Relations.

It is clear what we do works for the professional speakers, consultants, and non-fiction authors PR/PR represents to the media.  Over the 20+ years we’ve been doing this, 100% of our clients have gotten placements.  Now, while their results may be as varied as their expertise, PR/PR’s clients have all enjoyed gaining national name recognition in front of their target market of business decision makers who can hire for conventions, conferences, and corporate events. 

As a publicity agency, PR/PR’s measure of success is derived by the quality and quantity of media attention we procure for our client and their content.  Many clients choose to measure the success or failure of a particular campaign based on sales volume only. Unfortunately, this is a component that is out of our control. Once the media is in place, factors such as availability and fees weigh heavily in the ultimate success of bookings and/or book sales. No agency can guarantee you bookings or sales from their publicity efforts, and if they do they’re not being clear with you. 

Next year, I’m sure there will be many jokes about “hindsight being 2020.” We would hate for your hindsight to be one of regret you didn’t do more about your publicity.  Give PR/PR a call today!

Happy New Year!

Russell Trahan,

President, PR/PR Public Relations


Author, Sell Yourself Without Saying A Word


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