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Alphabet Joins an Exclusive Club

Take all 26 letters in the alphabet and multiply them by an inconceivable amount, because that’s likely close to what Alphabet is worth right now. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has joined rarefied air, becoming just the fourth U.S. company to reach $1 trillion in market valuation.

The other three companies are probably easy guesses, as Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft all hit trillion-dollar valuations in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Alphabet joins that exclusive group of tech goliaths, and it’s a not-unexpected accomplishment from a company that has a hand in virtually everything that you do each day. Alphabet gets you answers on demand, connects you with the globe at the push of a button, and likely gets you to work every morning.

“Revolutionary” still seems like a bit of an understatement when thinking about Alphabet.

Fonts of innovations all, these four companies have changed the world, so it’s no shock that they’ve become the first businesses in U.S. history to hit the $1 trillion mark. We’re still in the first month of 2020, but it’s abundantly clear that the giants of Silicon Valley will be one of the prime catalysts to drive change through this decade and on into a new century.

So a glass is raised to Alphabet for joining such an exclusive club in American economic history. That is, as long as they agree to pick up the tab.

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