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It’s CES Time

CES, the largest and most anticipated tech conference of the year, kicks off today in Las Vegas. It’s the marquee event in the technology world, and each and every turn of the calendar it gets the year started with some newsworthy highlights about forthcoming products and trends in the tech landscape.

So what will be unveiled today that will potentially be on your 2020 shopping list?

Forbes is out with its list of the 10 tech trends to watch at CES, and it runs the gamut from hyper-powered televisions to a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products.

Impossible Foods, purveyors of plant-based meat products and a Silicon Valley unicorn in the food space, is set to unveil pork and sausage substitutes at CES, ahead of a possible 2020 IPO. They of course changed the fast food game in 2019 when they partnered with Burger King on the Impossible Whopper.

Tech privacy will also take center stage at this year’s CES. A rightfully hot button issue, many news stories from 2019 zeroed in on privacy lapses from social media outlets and online companies. CES will be livestreaming a panel discussion with some of the top tech execs on the importance of privacy and the changes in the pipeline for your apps and devices.

CES sets the tone for the year ahead in the technology space, so PR/PR will certainly be tuning in. What are you looking forward to most as CES gets rolling?

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