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Home Theatre of the Future

Old industry adapting to new platforms and methods of delivery—it’s a topic that’s constantly circulating in the news. Way, way back I wrote about Netflix targeting cable providers with exclusive content. Last week I pondered the impact of the NFL and Twitter’s agreement to begin streaming Thursday Night Football in 2016.

Notice a trend?

This week, the focus is on the movie theatre, and specifically, how cost-ineffective it is to go see a movie these days. Unless you plan on catching The Jungle Book with the breakfast crowd this Friday, you’re going to be shelling out near twenty-bucks just to walk through the door. Addicted to sugar like me? Toss another eight dollars on top of your ticket price for Sour Patch Kids and an obnoxiously large soda.

You’re now nearly $30 in the hole to see yet another Hollywood remake. With the deluge of pirating films—which has shown absolutely no signs of decline—the film industry is yet another industry exploring new ways to adapt to the changing of the times.

Enter Screening Room.

Screening Room is a new app/digital box that allows you to view day-of releases from the privacy of your own home. Another innovation from Napster founder-turned-Facebook consigliere-turned Spotify sage-Sean Parker, Screening Room’s set-top box hardware will populate with all of the newest movies. No more screaming babies, no more cell phones going off, no more shelling out a king’s ransom for candy.

There’s always a catch, however. Screening Room requires the purchase of its hardware along with the app, and once installed, each individual film viewing will cost you $50 for a 48-hour rental. Couples with kids can save on sitters and the cost of heading to the theatre, a family of four can enjoy a film from their own couch, or a group of friends can pool cash for a group movie night.

It’s another sign of technology keeping up with the market’s shifting winds.

So what say you? Would you pony-up for Screening Room?

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