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Blogging and ‘A Case of the Mondays.’

A sure-fire way to incur a ‘case of the Mondays’ is by being asked if you have a ‘case of the Mondays.’ Let’s face it: no one really loves a Monday, and that single cliché office-term is the quickest path to the beginning of the workweek spiraling out of control. We’re used to hectic Monday mornings around our office, complete with staff meetings, shoring up any pressing matters from over the weekend, and of course, brainstorming topics and eventually writing this blog. Some days, topics fly around the room like a locust swarm, and on others I’m left staring at the wall for six hours wondering what to write about. Crafting an insightful blog worth following is a rewarding, but arduous task, and can sometimes bring about ‘a case of the Mondays.’

In an effort to spare some of you would-be bloggers from a few of the roadblocks I’ve encountered, I’m going to outline some inherent challenges that I’ve experienced with my tenure as PR/PR’s resident blogger, and the strategies I utilize to overcome them.

Find a Parallel, Even if it’s Not Obvious

With weekly blogging, the first critical element is finding unique links to what’s circulating in the news. At first glance, you may not recognize a news story’s relevance to your topic, but often your best work occurs by shifting your focus and approaching a topic from a different angle.

Know Your Audience and Provide Actionable Advice

Our blog has gained steady steam since its inception, and it’s due in part to maintaining our established topic, and familiarity with our readership. Knowing your audience and why they’re seeking out your point of view is a key cog in sustaining consistent page views.

Another integral factor is providing actionable tips and advice. Many readers are typing in your blog URL to solve problems; provide your distinct perspective with concrete, ‘put in to practice’ advice, and watch your followers multiply.

Talk it Out

Formal brainstorming sessions can feel slightly daunting, especially on a Monday morning when setting up the office after the weekend. Here at PR/PR, many of our blog topics are borne of casual conversation. When the ideas don’t immediately jump out at you, take a step back and allow others to contribute to the conversation. Often, you just needed a new set of ideas and fresh thought process to determine your topic.

Grab a Coffee and Take a Breather!

Forced writing is painfully obvious to your readers. I find the best panacea for my writer’s block maladies is re-upping on caffeine and stepping away from the screen. Staring at a blinking cursor can sometimes feel like waiting for the mailman. A change of scenery can work wonders for your creativity, as it allows you to decompress and relax while casually brainstorming your ideas.

Running the PR/PR blog has provided me with a crash-course in blogging, and with every new venture, there’s liable to be a few speed bumps along the way. By employing the above techniques I’ve been able to surpass them and avoid rough Mondays, and hopefully you will find them useful to besting your struggles as you begin blogging.

-Carter Breazeale

PR/PR Public Relations

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