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Saluting Our Forefathers

By nature, proper, effective publicity requires a tangible level of risk. Ideas that can potentially turn the status quo on its head will always be met with a degree of skepticism, whether in regards to their effectiveness or mere resistance to change, and individuals devoted to their cause will accept the acute risks and backlash they receive for the long-term payoff.

No group of individuals took a more colossal risk than the signers of the Declaration of Independence, who committed which was considered an act of treason for the greater good of their perceived nation. In the eyes of the British, the moment quills were dipped in inkwells and graced that piece of parchment, every one of those men became enemies of the crown; traitors determined to lacerate the union and instill a society of brigands and ne’er-do-wells, dismantling their colonies in ‘The New World.’

Each of those men knew that inscribing their names on that document meant they were marked for dead. They knew they may potentially alienate the constituents who worked to put them in power, and they recognized that their actions in that momentous place in time may have been for naught, and history may paint them as villainous usurpers of the highest order. In spite of blatant risk of death, 56 brave men proudly pledged their allegiance to an infant nation, and made the first steps in establishing the United States of America we know today.

So here at PR/PR, we salute our forefathers this week, who truly took the biggest PR risk of all: putting their lives on the line for the promise of a brighter future for our country. Have a fun and safe July 4th.

-Carter Breazeale

PR/PR Public Relations

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