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Picture This! Instagram at Conventions

This Monday finds me playing the role of public relations Lone Ranger, as the rest of the team is currently attending the 2012 NSA Convention in Indianapolis. While the gang is off meeting with clients and potential clients in the land of racing lore, I’m holding down the fort; firing off a litany of emails and keeping up with the day-to-day workings of PR/PR, all set to the inviting backdrop of 100% Florida humidity. Thanks to our social media cache, I’ve been able to monitor the happenings at the convention (which included a ‘friendliest staff’ award this morning); specifically, our brand-new Instagram account (shameless plug): @prprpublicity. Instagramis an invaluable asset during conventions and trade shows, and provides a fun and entertaining way of marketing your brand.

By now, the world is fully aware of the enormity of Instagram, after it was purchased by Facebook in April for a cool billion dollars. This photo-sharing social media site is unique in that it is available only to smartphone users, and until the Facebook buyout, only IPhone users. It works much in the way that Twitter does, complete with ‘@replies’ and tagging, but add in a wealth of different filters for your photos and the ability of your followers to ‘like’ them.

Lindsay has done a bang-up job chronicling PR/PR’s presence at this year’s NSA Convention, with constant Instagram updates of the goings on in Indianapolis. By uploading and sharing your photos on Instagram while at a convention, you can provide follow-worthy content to those interested in you or what you’re trying to promote (and make the coworkers you left behind jealous of the fun you’re having.)

What makes Instagram so useful at conventions is that it allows your potential clients to view you in action, all from the comfort of their smartphone. Is there a better endorsement than visual evidence of you onstage giving a rousing keynote or a picture of your crowded booth in the exhibit hall? Couple with the ability to geo-tag your location so your displays are easily found or your followers to mention you in their own photos and you have the makings of a social media snowball that builds your visibility.

I have two more days of manning the ship here in Orlando, and I am looking forward to the continuous stream of visuals from the PR/PR Instagram account. Establish yourself on this meteoric social media site, and allow your clientele to see you in action.

-Carter Breazeale
PR/PR Public Relations

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