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Apple Unveils Apple Card

Last week we focused on Apple’s upcoming event where they were primed to announce a foray into original content video streaming. They did that yesterday, but we also received an announcement of some new “hardware”, if you will. Apple unveiled the Apple Card, a no-fee, low interest rate credit card.

The minimalist design, par for the course with Apple products, is without a signature, numbers, security code, or expiration date.

As outlined in the event, the new Apple credit card will connect directly to Apple Pay. The card will allow the user to track all of their purchases through the Apple Wallet, and the card itself will begin to compile data on the bulk of your spending—which is a fantastic tool for future budgeting.

Apple released Apple Pay a few years back, and it’s become a popular option for iPhone users instead of whipping out the plastic to pay for goods. They’re now honing in on that feature and potentially replacing your card on file with one of Apple’s shiny new ones.

And they do look pretty awesome, as well. One of the cornerstones of the company brand is style and status, so the Apple card seems slightly like a quick way to let people know that “you’re in the club.”

Kind of like an AMEX Black card, without needing a massive disposable income.

The card will also feature a unique way to recoup rewards, as well. Instead of a running tally of cash back or miles, the card will deposit daily rewards back into your Apple Wallet for immediate availability.

Another day, another Apple headline. The company that changed the world keeps changing it, and you can bet there are more innovations on deck.

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