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Meatless Whoppers Are On the Menu

In what’s definitely a sign of the times, Burger King is announced that it’s testing a meatless Whopper at 59 of its locations in St. Louis. Featuring a plant-based patty from Impossible Foods (one that actually “bleeds”), Burger King is banking on the not-so-recent trend of meatless diets.

It’s a 21st Century iteration of Burger King’s flagship sandwich, and one they’re hoping to ride all the way to the bank.

Burger King made the announcement of “The Impossible Whopper” yesterday—April Fool’s Day—leading to the immediate question of if it was real or just another prank on April 1st. Nope: It’s real, and should the initial market test in St. Louis go well, the company plans to roll out the product nationally.

That means meatless Whoppers could soon be appearing at your local Burger King.

Silicon Valley has been pumping money into Impossible Foods, the producer of the Impossible Burger, with eyes on an IPO in the future. If a deal is secured to introduce their plant-based patty to all of Burger King’s 7,200 locations, they will become the de-facto standard for readily available meatless burgers.

It should also make them a real player on the market.

If you’re a little confused by a fast food joint incorporating a meatless option to its brand-bearing burger, you’re not alone. The Whopper holds a certain nostalgia for me, as it was the go-to meal after childhood soccer and baseball games; and at that time, there was definitely not a vegetarian or vegan option on the menu.

Times they are a’changin’, and Burger King is betting on its future by teaming up with Impossible Foods to bring the Impossible Whopper to the masses. We’ll see how it all plays out.

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