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You Never Know Who’s Reading

At a recent National Speakers’ Association event I was told by the wife of a client how much she enjoyed PR/PR’s newsletter.  It blew me away that she was even aware of it, let alone read it for the publicity tips she could use in her business (she is not a professional speaker or business consultant).
Even more recently, while speaking with another agent’s client he referenced Carter’s current trip to Europe.  Even though I hadn’t had the occasion to tell him about it, he said he’d read it on our blog.
Both of these events have recently cemented in me how important it is to practice what we preach.  I’m always on the pulpit about frequency and repetition, not expecting to build a business off a one-hit-wonder.  I also often sermonize about offering content, not self-promoting, but, to use a colloquialism, “if you give away a teaspoon, they’ll buy the bottle.”
It also reminds me of learning to play golf.  When a childhood friend’s dad used to take us to the club with him every Wednesday during the summer, we’d play best-ball against him and he’d still always win.  However, every once in a while, a tee shot would go straight down the fairway and stick a landing on the green.  That’s the shot, he’d say, that will bring you back next week.
Putting out a newsletter and posting a blog is like that golf lesson.  You never know who’s reading it when, but on the occasion someone comments about it, that’s what will get you to post again.

— Russell

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