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Back from Maternity Leave

Though I do not fancy myself nearly as talented a writer as Carter, I’ll try to do him justice this week! I officially came back from maternity leave on March 4. I’ll be working both out of the office and from home with my four-month-old, Flynn, who, though very adorable, is not very encouraging of productivity. As I write this, with Elmo’s high pitched whine in the background, I’ve had to jump up a few times to grab him as he rolls across the floor; he’s not crawling yet, but he’s trying!

In my 4 months of doing this so far, I can honestly say I don’t know how my mom did it – in the days before the Internet (yes, I am that old). With my moms’ group on Facebook, baby development apps, and websites like Lucies List, Scary Mommy and Kelly Mom, I sometimes feel like I know what I’m doing. If I didn’t have any of that, I don’t know where I’d be right now, but it wouldn’t be pretty. I start to see why I am an only child!

The Internet is a multi-faceted tool. The same entity that brings you the screaming goat can also let you know if that rash is worth calling the doctor for, or if it’s a normal accompaniment to a cold. It can also send you to places filled with misinformation on vaccines, or any other site that will confirm wrongly held beliefs. In the end, you still can’t do any better than consulting a pediatrician, but with the Internet, you may know the right questions to ask!

For now, just know that if you call PR/PR, you may hear Flynn talking in the background. He’s not so great at editing articles yet, but he loves listening to your ideas!

Flynn Durfee

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