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You Gotta Have Friends…

As PR/PR Public Relations celebrates its 20th anniversary I’m reminded that no agency is an island. There are many, many people and organizations that have helped PR/PR grow to what it is today; and hopefully I’ve been able to refer back to them enough to help them grow.

As they say in the awards show acceptance speeches, I’m sure I’m leaving someone out, but here are the ones I’d like to recognize in this round:

First is the National Speakers’ Association.  Since my first convention here in Orlando in 2006, I’ve recognized that NSA is the best at helping its members grow. This summer in Dallas was my lucky 13th annual convention. Our founder, Pam Lontos, was a member in her own right prior to starting PR/PR, and the agency has remained a staunch supporter for the seven years I’ve been at the helm.

In fact, PR/PR believes so much in the benefits of the National Speakers’ Association, we offer a discount to members. The discount is equal to the first years’ membership dues, so if you’re working with PR/PR there’s no reason not to join the NSA, and vice versa!

When Patricia Fripp calls, you answer. Several years ago, she was calling to invite me to partner with her and Darren LaCroix in Stage Time University’s annual conference, Lady & The Champs. This has been a wonderful partnership as the conference has grown, and also lead to partnerships with the several Bootcamps they’ve held during the year. I would be remiss if I didn’t include a shout out to Miss Fripp’s FrippVT and the great work she does with people wishing to give more powerful presentations.

Another organization I’ve worked with is IMC USA, whose annual convention I’m headed to this week.

PR/PR also offers discounts to the members of the three organizations above.

One of the first people I met at an NSA convention was Dick Bruso. His company, Heard Above the Noise, is foremost in branding for speakers.  Whether you’re an emerging speaker or an established speaker looking to go in a new direction without losing your current market, Dick will guide you to the right path for your business to be where you’d like it to be.

When I went to write my first book, only one name came to mind: Henry DeVries. His company, Indie Books International, was my only choice for a publisher. They are professional, creative, communicative, and just nice people. Get them involved early and you’ll have a book(s) you’ll be proud of.

Members of Henry’s Indie Friends & Family receive a discount when they work with PR/PR, as well.

Along the lines of my book, I need to recognize my writing coach, Cathy Fyock. True story:  I hadn’t written a word in six-months, and after I met Cathy I had a book in six-weeks! She would question me, in a good way, and support me during our bi-weekly calls. She’ll get you off the block on your book.

To help promote your speaking business and book–besides a campaign with PR/PR—you’ll need a great website. Through Stage Time University I met Cynthia Lay. Her company, Speaker Websites, did the most recent redesign of PR/PR’s own website. She works exclusively with speakers, so she understands your business model and know what your website needs.

Another NSA connection came to me through the Cigar PEG in the way of its leader, Ed Rigsbee. I was already fully aware of the generous philanthropy the Cigar PEG has been conducting for years, what I was happy to learn was how Ed preaches what PR/PR practices. Through his Intensives he goes deeper into marketing yourself from article placements. Ed has been very kind to PR/PR through his breakouts at NSA conventions, referring attendees to contact us to do for them what he has so successfully done for himself.

My apologies to anyone I’ve left out, I assure you it was unintentional. Please let me know and I’ll include you next time!

To everyone above: here’s to the next 20 years of working together!


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