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Well, today’s the day. After the months of bickering and bombshells and vitriol and divisive rhetoric and cable-news-inspired anxiety, we’re here. Election Day 2016; the culmination of the nastiest fight for the presidency we’ve ever seen. Short on inspiration and unity, heavy on mudslinging and angst-driven bombast.

Both candidates pretty much look like Andy Dufresne, right before he emerged from that drainage pipe to finally gain his freedom.

To think about it, it’s a fairly apt metaphor for how we all probably feel. After tonight, this will all (hopefully) be over.

But enduring this sideshow will be entirely for naught if you don’t get out there today and vote. Skip lunch. Leave early. Fashion any sort of excuse you need to make sure your ballot is cast and your number counted. Your meeting about next week’s meeting this afternoon can wait. Today is far too important.

It’s your opportunity to participate in what makes our country so great: democracy. A government for, by, and of the people. Don’t take this right for granted—get out there and make your voice heard today!


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