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Twitter Transition Team

Good afternoon everybody! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a fun and safe Halloween filled with no tricks, just treats. I’m admittedly a bit of a Halloween Grinch, so I spent my evening catching up on Westworld and avoiding the ghouls and goblins lurking around my neighborhood. The candy bowl was empty this morning, for the record.

Speaking of scary, we’re now just a mere one week away from Election Day. In seven days all this madness will be all over. Or maybe it will just begin; who knows with this election season. If Hillary Clinton flew into Orlando on a Hippogriff today I’d hardly bat an eye. We’re in The Upside Down at this point.

One thing that’s entirely for certain is that along with a new administration transitioning into the White House, there will be a digital transition, as well. With social media becoming such an immense platform, the new president will assume the @POTUS Twitter account on Inauguration Day—and all of its followers.

Other accounts, such as the White House Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will also be transitioned—followers intact—with previous content, such as Obama Administration photos and status updates registered with the National Archives and Records Administration. Crazy, eh?

Another sign of the rapidly changing times, I suppose. In elections of yore, the transitional period involved intelligence briefings and cabinet appointments readying for a shiny new administration. Now federal IT teams are going to be working alongside those transition teams to archive all social media activity, and prepare the accounts for the arrival of a new president.

Seven more days.

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