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Thank you, Doctors

Yesterday was National Doctors’ Day here in the States, and it could not have landed on a more apropos day. Doctors and healthcare workers are manning the frontlines of this pandemic, risking their own safety to work to save the lives of their fellow citizens. They’re working incredibly long hours—sleep deprived and likely homesick, but they’re answering the call to battle COVID-19.

As I type this, the State of Florida has eclipsed 5,500 cases. It has more than doubled since the weekend. It will continue to rise over the coming days. April is likely to be a very difficult month for the entire country as states and municipalities play a cruel game of whack-a-mole with this virus. Contain an outbreak here, just to have another appear over there.

It will take all of our cooperation to stay indoors to limit its spread to allow these heroes among us the time to do their thankless work. If the healthcare system becomes overwhelmed, we’re limiting taking our first-line defenders out of the fight.

You’ve seen the photos of these healthcare professionals and the message they’re imploring us to heed: “We come to work for you, please stay at home for us.” There’s very little that we can do right now—we’re unfortunately at the mercy of this virus. But we can limit our exposure to others and do our part to protect the doctors and nurses and lab techs that are working tirelessly on our behalf.

So thank you, doctors, for your bravery and your relentless drive to fight this for us. You’re our line of defense against this disease, and true heroes in a time when we desperately need them.  

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