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Tech is an Invaluable Resource During Social Distancing

There’s simply no way to put it: The whole world has changed in the last week. With the COVID-19 pandemic enveloping the globe, it’s threatening the population and disrupting the economy. Many cities and states are on virtual lockdown—including here in Orlando, where the governor gave the order that all bars and restaurants can only operate in a take-out capacity.

Things are quieter. There’s an eerie still in the air with the lack of cars on the road, the decrease in movement. We’re all doing our level best to contribute by remaining at home and working to flatten the curve and stem-the-tide of this disease. We know that people are hurting. We’re naturally social creatures—we crave face-to-face interaction with others.

And since that’s not entirely possible at the moment, we’ve taken to tech—and it’s been invaluable during this period of social distance. Musicians are hosting Facebook Live acoustic sessions, professionals are offering online Q & A’s, and most importantly, it’s allowed us to decrease the feeling of separation by video chatting with friends and loved ones.

Without the benefits of social media and technology at this point, I’m sure we’d all be going absolutely stir crazy. It’s not the same as hanging out and enjoying another’s company, but it sure beats complete social isolation. People are hosting online happy hours using Google Hangouts to stay connected with friends, and businesses are using online meeting software to keep their workforce engaged and productive.

It’s our new normal for the time being—there’s really no blueprint for this type of pandemic in the 21st Century. But we’re all in this together, and we have to do what we can to support one another. That involves checking in on your friends and neighbors, making the calls to people you’ve lost touch with, and offering words of encouragement during this unsettling and surreal moment.

PR/PR is eternally grateful to the first responders keeping us going during the COVID-19 pandemic. The healthcare workers, the grocery employees who keep the shelves stocked with food, the police and fire departments keeping our communities safe, the sanitation workers and mail carriers and janitorial staff. These everyday heroes are working so hard right now, and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts.

Stay tough, stay strong, and we’ll get through this together.   

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