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Remembering the Fallen

Back to work and back to the blog after a nice, long weekend. I hope all of you had a safe and fun Memorial Day, a day to remember the fallen heroes who gave their lives in service to the country. PR/PR sends out its eternal gratitude to those who have gave that ultimate sacrifice, and our best wishes to the friends and families who lost a loved one to war.

They are the reason we are afforded the freedom to spend these days together.

We all long for a world without conflict, without war, without terrorism, without strife. A world free from Manchesters and Orlandos and Afghanistans and Syrias. A world where families receive loving returns instead of folded flags.

In spite of the universal desire to an end to global conflict, these brave men and women volunteer to defend their country, knowing full well that they may find themselves in the line of fire. They do what many wouldn’t. They have courage beyond comprehension.

Memorial Day ushers in the summer season. It’s filled with pool parties, slow-smoked ribs, sunscreen and an assortment of adult beverages. But the reason for this summer kick-off celebration are those who gave their lives defending the country. It’s important that we remember them, not just on Memorial Day, but each and every day on the calendar.

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