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Our Hearts with Manchester

There’s not really much that can be said in the wake of these moments. Words alone are insufficient to effectively capture the horror, the immense grief, the stomach-turning feeling that it’s happened again.

Manchester didn’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this.

22 innocent people lost their lives last night, many of them children, simply enjoying an Ariana Grande concert with friends and family. Nearly 60 others were injured as an explosion tore through the crowd leaving the Manchester Arena. Authorities confirmed early on that they were investigating this as a terror attack.

In the same, sickening vein as the 2015 Bataclan attack in Paris, a coward targeted a concert where young people were merely trying to have a good time.

Also eerily similar to an attack that hits close to home, the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, which occurred nearly a year ago.

I witnessed first-hand how Orlandoans banded together in the immediate aftermath of Pulse; how a community stricken with anger and sorrow channeled those emotions to positively assist friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. I have no doubt that Manchester will do the same.

Our thoughts are with the United Kingdom, with Manchester, and with those who have lost loved ones in this horrific, craven attack.

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