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More Good News From Joe…

A couple of months ago I did a blog post on coffee and liver disease.  Not that coffee is a cure-all, but drinking a couple of cups, black, (cream and sugar and other sugary additives negate all health benefits) can reduce your chances of dying from symptoms such as cirrhosis. 

Today there’s more good news!  A study has shown drinking coffee (again, black) in moderation will decrease the chances of stroke, death from cardiovascular disease, and a decrease in all-cause mortality.  This is great news considering 80% of deaths due to cardiovascular reasons can be prevented by changes in what they call lifestyle factors.  

For this study, ½ a cup to 3 cups daily is considered moderation. The average size of a cup in this case is measured at 8 oz., so don’t go drinking three of your bathtub-sized caramel chocolate drizzled four-pump vanilla no foam non-fat (well, that maybe the only part that is good) half-shot latte macchiato frappuccino; and think you’re being healthy. 

This study is based on association, not cause and affect.  Diet and exercise still count, and of course medication can be lifesaving, but still there are definite additional health benefits.  The studies were done on people without significantly elevated cholesterol and were generally healthy, so coffee should be considered as one more way you can help your body help itself. 

Don’t look to coffee to cure what ails you, rather to keep you from getting certain ails in the first place.  Watch out apple, you’re no longer the only thing that keeps the doctor away!

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