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Liver Disease? No, Thank You, I Take Mine Black

As I’m writing this, I just finished drinking my morning coffee.  I drink coffee for two reasons:  1) it wakes me up, and 2) #2.  But, now there’s a third reason to drink coffee:  it can help prevent liver disease

A new study shows drinking up to three cups (regular or decaf (but why bother?)) will not only make you jittery, but 20% less likely to develop chronic or fatty liver disease. The numbers go up to 40% less likely to die from a liver disease than those who don’t know a “cup ‘o joe.” 

This is especially good news for those who spend the weekend abusing their liver.  Not that you should continue doing so, but at least you’ll be less likely to die from it if you partake of the Brazilian national drink.  Whatever you do, don’t drive to get coffee after drinking a more adult beverage. 

Besides the wakey-wakey affect coffee has on the population, it’s been known for years that consumption in moderation can reduce the likelihood of contracting of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, melanoma and other skin cancers, and reduce levels of coronary artery calcium. As with everything in life, moderation is the key word here. 

As in most studies of coffee, the researchers called a “cup of coffee” as 8 oz. of black coffee, just in case you were thinking that bathtub-sized Mocha-choca-lata ya ya you order at the local twin-tailed siren shop is going to be healthy for you.  

You can rest well knowing your liver is safe after Juan Valdez visits, just don’t let him stay to long or you won’t be able to rest well at night!

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