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Go Vote! Now!

Today’s the day: The 2018 midterms have finally arrived. In a large portion of the world, Election Day is considered a national holiday or is held on a Sunday to promote engagement. Here? We get Tuesdays.

There’s no time to lament what’s been a longstanding argument, so if you haven’t already: Go vote today!

Both Uber and Lyft are offering free rides to polling stations, so if you’ve waited until Election Day to officially pull the lever you can cancel out “transportation” on your list of possible excuses. This is poised to be the largest midterm election ever, with over 35 million ballots already cast—15 million more early votes than 2014. Do not allow an excuse to negate your voice; again: Vote!

There’s a lot on the ballot this year, and you can decide the direction that you want your country to head in. Lines, rain, headaches, apathy; zero excuses: Vote!

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