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Amazon Set to Announce HQ2 Locations

While my hometown state is giving us 2000 flashbacks with all of this election chaos, let’s focus on a bit of exciting, less frustrating developments: Amazon is heading to NYC and Northern Virginia. For over a year now, there’s been widespread interest and intrigue as to where Amazon would plant its flag for its second U.S. headquarters. Bids were placed, cities were evaluated, PR campaigns undertaken to draw the E-commerce giant.

And in a surprise move, HQ2 will actually be HQ2a and HQ2b.

Jeff Bezos has not formally announced the decision, but the story leaked last night that Amazon’s new HQ would be split between Long Island City and Crystal City in Arlington County, Virginia.

So what does that mean? It means higher visibility for these two locations, and of course, an influx of jobs. The two offices are expected to employ 25,000 people apiece, which can’t be understated in terms of the boon it will provide to the local economy.

The company’s courtship process began with 238 cities placing formal bids to become HQ2’s location, and in January it was pared down to 20.

With an official announcement coming soon, Long Island City and Crystal City will be the beneficiaries of Amazon’s selection process.

Amazon dominates the global economy, and with these two new headquarters expected, they will present a wealth of growth opportunities in New York and Virginia. There’s no slowing Amazon’s rapid expansion, and now we know the first two key locations where it will begin.

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