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Facebook vs. Snapchat: Round 3

I’ve written a couple of blogs about Mark Zuckerberg’s seeming obsession with Snapchat—possibly stemming from his rejected buyout offer—and now that Instagram is under the Facebook umbrella, it’s clear that the Zuckerberg grudge has not abated.

Instagram recently unveiled “stories”—a not so subtle jab at Snapchat, who also refers to its users photos and videos as “stories”—and it’s essentially Instagram’s version of Snapchat. Users upload photos or videos that form an evolving thread and expire over time. There are also options for a variety of edits a user can make, such as scribbled text and typed captions.

Instagram has already become a necessity for many visually-based businesses and promotional opportunities, so “stories” is adding another dimension to its successful model.

No filters yet, however, which seems to be one of Snapchat’s biggest draws.

It’s fascinating watching two social media heavyweights trade blows—even if it appears that it’s always Facebook on the offensive.

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