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Facebook vs. Snapchat: Round 2

Hell hath no fury like a social media mogul scorned. Mark Zuckerberg has got it out for Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel, who shockingly rejected Facebook’s $3 billion offer to acquire the multimedia messaging service last year. Shortly after Snapchat shot down Facebook’s acquirement proposal, Facebook began developing their version of Snapchat, and according to Spiegel, it was their full intention to bury them.

The app was known as ‘Poke’, and it failed. Entirely. 

Not one to abandon his vendettas that easily, it was announced that Zuckerberg and his team of programmers and designers are set to launch ‘Slingshot,’ another app concocted to directly compete with Snapchat.

The turf war for social media supremacy is one that Facebook normally wins, as their scorched earth policy of beat ‘em or buy ‘em has succeeded in the relatively short history of online networking. Spiegel and the Snapchat brass stunned the tech world when they refused what a handful of other outlets, like Instagram and WhatsApp couldn’t—and told Zuckerberg to scram, making a massive enemy in the process.

The Facebook vs. Snapchat battle is a David and Goliath scenario, as Snapchat is still in its relative infancy compared to Facebook’s massive dominion online. Zuckerberg appears to have a chip on his shoulder and is allowing his crusade against Spiegel to dictate corporate decisions—but it remains to be seen if Snapchat was wise to reject his $3 billion buyout offer, when ‘take the money and run’ seems to be the traditional modus operandi when Facebook comes knocking. 

The Internet is littered with the graves of tech start-ups, social media sites and apps that made the wrong decisions, and only time will tell if Snapchat will be among them, or will become the first company to thwart Facebook’s acquisition attempts.

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