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Bravery and Sacrifice of Our Soldiers

Memorial Day is characterized by the beach, BBQ and cold beer—but the meaning of the holiday must never be lost in the festivities. Regardless of political stance or government views, there is absolutely no doubt that those who volunteer to serve in our country’s armed forces are selfless, dedicated and extraordinarily brave.

Those who choose to leave their friends and families in defense of the United States sacrifice daily. They sacrifice time with their loved ones. They sacrifice their bodies and their safety—and some have given the ultimate sacrifice, and never returned home.

As the military begins scaling back troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers face a new set of challenges: assimilating back into civilian life. The scars of combat extend beyond those you can see, and our men and women coming home deserve every ounce of our support as they adjust to life on the home front.

All of us here at PR/PR hope you had a fun and safe Memorial Day, and remember the meaning behind the holiday.

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