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Did You Forget National Lost Sock Memorial Day?

Well, don’t worry.  It was last Sunday, when we were all celebrating a much better-known National Day. 

It’s no secret that I love National [X] Day/Week/Month.  This is the easiest way for anyone to get publicity at least once a year.  There’s a day designated for every topic, each expertise, every thought out there.  And, on the rare occasion there isn’t, just make one!

About a week before the day of designation, send out a press release to your local media.  Not to the on-air personalities or writers/columnists, but to the producers, bookers, and or editors.  Tell them something interesting about the day.  Don’t lead with your bio.  They don’t care.  Give them something their readership/viewers will care about.  A stimulating statistic, or a controversial stance, is what they know their audience will find interesting.  Do this in the format of bullet points, make it easy for them to read at a glance and still get the gist. 

Put in a quote they can copy/paste into their outlet.  News moves fast these days; you’ve got to make it easy on them.  Of course, make it your quote.   No point in quoting another author or thought-leader.  The point is to make you the go-to expert on the topic. 

Then, put in your bio.  Give them some credentials.  This is where the publicity comes in; everything above your bio should be content-driven for their audience.  Even though the purpose is to get you publicity, it isn’t about you, it’s about the producer/editor’s viewer/reader.  That’s what they care about and that’s how you’re going to get interviews, by appealing to their needs. 

And, of course, include your contact information and be available.  Don’t send out a press release and then get on a five-hour flight.  If they want to interview you, they’ll want to do it fast!

So, since today, May 11, is National “Eat What You Want Day” and National “Twilight Zone” Day, which fall during National “Craft Beer” Week, I’m going to put out some snacks to binge-watch Rod Serling and crack a cold-one.

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