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Associations Are Listening, Are You Speaking?

Picture it…Orlando, FL, 2006!  A young Russell Trahan, having been with PR/PR Public Relations for less than a year, is attending his first NSA Summer Convention (that’s what they called them back then).  Client Laurie Brown comes up to Russell before he’s even done helping set up the PR/PR booth, and drags him off, telling him, “You’re going to join the Cigar PEG!”  Without knowing what that was, our hero still joins because when a client tells you to do it, you do! 

That has led to a career-long love affair with the Cigar PEG’s Philanthropy through Fun.  I personally joined every year at every annual Summer Convention/Influence, until I bought the agency in 2011 and then I had PR/PR become a Benefactor

The Cigar PEG contributions are too numerous to list, as are the wonderful people involved.  However, none of this could have happened without the captain at the helm, put your hands together for Co-Founder, CEO, & Executive Director: Ed Rigsbee!

As we’ve all learned to adapt and grow this past year, so has the Cigar PEG.  Ed has recently added a Speaker Showcase to the offerings of the Philanthropy through Fun group.  Association Executives and your fellow speakers will be listening!  The fee is minimal, but the potential is huge.

Ed might be the “Association Whisper” for NSA, but they’re listening to him loud and clear, and he can help your voice be heard, too!

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