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Be Aware of the Blue Buckets

Happy Halloweek! While we topped out at 90(!!!) degrees yesterday, the decorations are out in full force and so will the trick-or-treaters on Thursday evening. You may have seen news stories pop across your Facebook newsfeed drawing awareness to those costumed participants carrying blue buckets, so we’re going to talk about that a bit in today’s blog.

Campaigns for social awareness have exploded on Facebook, and it’s unfortunate that many of them end up being products of exaggeration or simply turn out to be flat-out false. According to this online campaign, trick-or-treaters sporting blue pumpkin buckets have been diagnosed with some form of autism, and it was devised to diminish judgement of older children (or even adults) with the disorder as they ring doorbells.

The post may have triggered your skepticism—but it’s absolutely true! The campaign began last year with a post from Alicia Plumer, mother of a 21-year-old autistic son who loves to trick-or-treat. So no reason for alarm bells when an older child with a blue pumpkin bucket rings your doorbell, this is an actual social campaign designed to do some good and create happiness.

Of course there may be some who decide to abuse it, but don’t let the exceptions drive the rules—let that candy fly.

You’re right to be cynical when it comes to social media-driven campaigns, but in the case of the blue bucket this Thursday, keep in mind that there’s someone with autism behind that vampire mask or goblin hood.

Social media can be a medium to do worlds of good, and this appears to be one of those cases. Happy Halloween!  

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