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Another Online Cautionary Tale

Does the time change have you feeling extra aggravated this week? Perhaps the added stressors of the coming holidays have got you a bit on edge, or one of your coworkers is just getting under your skin a little more than normal. You open your Twitter feed and begin to rage-type, ready to shout your frustrations into the digital void. Stop typing immediately, because it could cost you your job.

Especially if you go extremely over the line like former Cleveland Browns safety Jermaine Whitehead, who took to Twitter after Cleveland’s loss on Sunday and decided to threaten some of the users in his feed.

That decision immediately cost him his job.

Everyone is aware that social media behavior can get you into hot water, yet each and every year we hear of a high profile firing directly related to content posted online. A handful of celebrities have had to apologize for past posts, or in the case of Jermaine Whitehead, find themselves unemployed because of a moment of frustration.

The cautionary tales abound, but for some reason the message still doesn’t seem to connect with some people. I’m sure you’ve seen it on your own newsfeeds—the uncle with the propensity to overshare online, the aggressively political friend from high school. Some people just have a penchant for stepping in it on the internet.

Former Cleveland Browns defensive back Jermaine Whitehead is one of those.

So whatever has you especially annoyed on this Tuesday afternoon: be sure to keep it above board on your social media profiles.

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