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Are You Using Instagram Stories?

For goods and products-focused industries—especially local businesses—Instagram can be an incredibly powerful social tool. When you build a following on Instagram you’ve essentially built a captive audience, enthusiastic about the products that you provide. When you leverage the likes and follows? Well, that builds business.

The world of social media is in a constant state of evolution. You may wake up one day to a brand new interface that requires you to learn how to use the app or website again—looking at you, Snapchat—or the changes may be more subtle, like added features. They’re not new, but Instagram’s stories seem to have overtaken Snapchat after its ill-advised update. I believe we’ve discussed them on this blog before, but Instagram stories are short video files where the user sets the allowable time to be viewed. The user can build on these stories throughout the day, creating a cohesive, viewable feed.

After 24 hours? Gone.

While the benefit of standalone Instagram posts is well-documented for businesses, companies should also be taking advantage of the Stories feature. Fast Company is out today with a four point primer on the best strategies for utilizing Instagram’s Stories, and the through-line between all of them is creativity and a focus on your customers. While Stories allows you to put your products on display with unique filters and stickers, they also give the enthusiastic users of your products a potential voice.

Let them tell their story about you to your followers, and theirs as well. It can compound your existing audiences, attract new customers, and make the day of those you already have.

So are you using Instagram Stories? Let’s hear your successes!

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