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The Winds of Winter Arrive (Sorta)!

We’re nearing Halloween and the forthcoming holiday season, and we’ve received the best news here at PR/PR. No, neither Russell or myself received a comically massive check from Publisher’s Clearing House. My slowly-but-surely receding hairline has not reversed course overnight.

No, it’s better than all of that: we are receiving our first cold front of the season here in Orlando. Yes, we can expect highs in the low-60’s all week! Exciting, right?

The initial, albeit brief, respite from the swamp-like climate in Florida is a unifying force among all who live here. Political differences, cultural differences—throw them all out the (now open) window, because for at least two days we can just sit and talk about how great the weather is. It’s something we can all agree upon.

And with the first hints of winter come another familiar time: this is truly The Most Wonderful Time of the Year to explore your publicity options. There’s a baked-in assumption that the industry grinds to a halt in Q4; that editors have filed their stories and have engaged the cruise control until January 1.


Fall and winter are a fantastic time to evaluate your annual goals to-date, and look into beginning a publicity campaign. With frequency and repetition of articles placement through October, November, and December, you’re ahead of the eight-ball in name-recognition heading into the New Year. It’s a common misconception that pervades the speaking and consulting industry, and its merits are unfounded.

To begin 2018 with a step-ahead of your competition, this time of year is the best time to begin your publicity efforts.

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