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Welcoming the PR/PR Baby

Life is full of different paths and opportunities; an array of formative experiences that define your legacy; career choices, relocating to a different part of country or world or deciding to take vows to share your life with another person. One of life’s greatest journeys is parenthood, and in the case of PR/PR: motherhood.

Our Social Media Agent, Lindsay Durfee and her husband Ryan will be welcoming their first son, Flynn Cooper Durfee, into the world in the coming weeks. Russell and I are beyond overjoyed for their family. I’m sure Flynn will inherit Lindsay’s appreciation of cat videos, sarcastic sense of humor and outgoing personality.

Lindsay’s final day in-office before three months of maternity leave is this coming Thursday, but I will be sure to update all of you in Internetland as to her and her son’s status.

So congratulations, Lindsay and Ryan on the new addition to your family, and Russell and I cannot wait to meet Flynn!

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