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Walkin’ In A Pandemic Wonderland

There was a study done that showed six-year old’s laugh, on average 300 times a day; while adults laugh only about 15 times a day, 100 times at most.  While I found this news sad, I wasn’t surprised.  It’s no wonder the way the world beats the magic out of adults.  Comedian Ellen DeGeneres was talking about this on her show, and she said something along the lines of, “When you’re a kid getting the mail is magical – grandma may have sent you $5; but as an adult getting the mail is scary – Uncle Sam may say you owe him $5,000!”

Now that the holiday season is fully in affect, I would encourage you not to lose the wonderment of the season.  That wonderment is often found in the smallest actions and reactions.  Instead of grumbling because you’re hearing the same song for the 40th time, sing along like no one is listening or dance to it like no one is watching.  When you’re baking cookies (you can give them away if you’re on Keto) go ahead and lick the beaters!  This pandemic has taught us that eating raw cookie dough is not the worst risky way you might get sick this year. 

If you’re having trouble finding the magic this season for yourself, try seeing it through the eyes of a child.   One of my fondest holiday memories is going gift and donation delivering with my parents each December.  They would drive around distributing gifts for friends, neighbors, and colleagues, as well as checks for charities they supported.  Even though I often stayed in the car during the drop, I remember the warmest of emotions wrapped around me so it didn’t matter how high the snow was, my comfort and joy was higher!

Stay wide-eyed my friends, you might just see something in yourself you haven’t seen in a while.

Happy Holidays!

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