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Twitter’s Double-Take

Got a hot take you just need to let the online community know about? Well now you can double it.

A double-take, if you will.

Last week, Twitter unveiled its new format for posting, increasing its 140-character limit to 280. So whether you’re aiming to vent into the internet ether or utilizing the platform for business marketing, you’ve now got twice the length to do it. Twitter’s decision to allow an expanded character count has drawn some strong opinions, both for and against.

The obvious argument for a 280-character count is the ability to expound on points without sacrificing content for brevity. For many business owners, this allows for succinct, single posts, as opposed to threading tweets (which may or may not be read.)

But the argument against—which I am in line with—is that the additional text strips Twitter of what made it so unique. You were forced to be creative to get your point across—be it marketing-specific, a humorous opinion, or quick-time reaction to a current event. With a doubled character limit, tweets are reading more like status updates as opposed to well-crafted posts.

Most social media users have a “feel” for what works best on Twitter, and what works best on Facebook. With an increase to 280 characters, Twitter has blurred the line that made its platform singular in the online space.

So for better or for worse, you now have double the space to make your voice heard online. It will be interesting to see user numbers a year-on from this major update from Twitter.

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