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Tune-in to Facebook’s F8 Conference

Apple’s annual developer conference has turned into a must-see event; with new product and operating system announcements, it’s an occasion that draws attention from the tech-savvy and tech-neophyte alike.

With Facebook’s 21st Century ubiquity, its annual event has become a similar spectacle—and you can stream it live today.

F8 kicks off at 1:00pm EST, with rumors flying about new platform additions, updates on Facebook’s hardware plans—such as VR—and the developmental trajectory of the social media outlet going into 2018.

Facebook has been all over the news of late, with its utilization in the disturbing developments in Cleveland over the weekend, and the overall role that social media plays in propagating false news stories. It will be interesting to see if Zuckerberg speaks to these issues directly during his keynote presentation this afternoon. That alone will be a reason to tune-in.

Social media is tethered into every facet of society these days, so events like F8 warrant an audience. At 1:00pm EST today, we will see what rumors Facebook confirms, what new ideas they unveil, and how they choose to address the company’s evolving cultural role.

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