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Tim Cook Take the Wheel

Apple announced the HomePod last week at its annual WWDC conference, but the real news is breaking this week: the tech giant is taking its show on the road—in the form of self-driving cars.

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company is focusing on automotive automation, designing the technology that can be utilized in future vehicles. Tim Cook stated that Apple will focus on the underlying tech framework as opposed to building the physical cars themselves in the vein of Google’s “Waymo” project. This will afford the company the opportunity to offer its self-driving system to other auto producers, a la Apple CarPlay.

Self-driving vehicles appear to be the new frontier in the technology landscape, but there are still many, many questions as to consumer interest, consumer trust, and the overall legality of a car that drives itself.

The first automated vehicle death was reported last summer, with Tesla’s autopilot mode failing to identify a truck on the highway. This tragic incident illuminated the primary concern with self-driving cars: safety.

Can you really relax and trust a car to do all the work?

This will presumably be the differentiator in terms of market viability for Apple’s new project. While there’s incredible intrigue regarding self-driving technology, the public at-large appears skeptical as to its effectiveness and safety as it stands today.

Apple Inc. doesn’t miss much when they undertake new technology projects, so we’ll have to monitor the progress on this one. What do you think—would you ride in a self-driving car?

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